Learning solidarity with Solidarity Educators, Thessaloniki 2016

Back to Thessaloniki, my home city in Greece, I started connecting with local organizers who were working with refugees. One of the first people I met was my former teacher Tasos who was leading a nursery and at the same time organizing a group of volunteers- Solidarity Educators.

Solidarity Educators is a group of people mainly working with young children in the field of educations. They decided to stay independent as a group and not become an NGO.  They were going to the camps after or before their work to play with the children, to introduce them to art, story, to create with them something new.

They were also organizing events with local organizations bringing together refugees and locals to play, to have conversations. And they initiated a big movement of locals hosting refugees in their houses.

With Solidarity Educators I started discovering again what it means to be human with each other. Each at different points told me how being giving transformed their lives, initiated them to a different cultures and sparkled new friendships.

We worked at the camps with play. In collaboration with Solidarity Educators and KIA we organized a series of community playgroups and a music concert.

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