The making of the Syrian and Greek band ‘Hope’, Thessaloniki 2016

During one of our visits in the camps in Thessaloniki we were approached by Alaa, a young singer from Syria. Alaa said that it was difficult and it would better if he could sing. When he came out of the sea, he sang a song to it asking for the sea to look after their children. We brought him in touch with local musicians and we created a band called Hope.

The band brought together Greek and Arabic music and created new songs. After one month ‘Hope’ performed in front of 2000 people locals and refugees who sang and danced together.

We organized cosmopolitan trips and got to know the city as our co-organizers started leading their own activities. We shared the city.

After a while the refugee camp was closed down. They asked everyone to relocate. People protested through hunger strikes, they organized lawyers. The camp was burnt.

We created friendships that were sustained online as our co-organizers got relocated to other countries in Europe. Play is Hope is being built with them.

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