Community as a heart by Lois Holzman

lois-photoTwenty-five years have passed since my friend, mentor and intellectual partner Fred Newman made what I think is one of the most significant statements about community I’ve ever heard. It was a cold November evening in 1990 and Fred was speaking to a hundred or so New Yorkers…Read More

Play a Call to Action by Carrie Lobman

We have lived through a period of unprecedented loss of time for play for people of all ages. On average, children who spend a minimum of six hours a day in school receive 26 minutes of recess–and this includes the time they have to eat lunch. Read More 

Window on the World by Dan Friedman

dan-and-reggieDan Friedman is artistic director and co-founder of the Castillo Theatre and associate dean of the All Stars’ UX. He is a playwright and director. Read More

Don’t worry Mum by Shamsaid Jutt

img_3717I want to learn. My priority is education. Nobody has ever gone to university from my village or family in Pakistan. I want to break this pattern.  I want to get into university. But still doors are closed to me. I didn’t come into Europe to be a rich man…Read More

Together refugees and volunteers
by Yulie Tzirou

15My name is YulieTzirou, I have been living and working as a professor of computer science  in Lesvos since 2001, a beautiful Greek island, at the sea borders of two continents, Europe and Asia; an island that was a space of exchange of goods, people and ideas from antiquity. Read More

Many countries, many cultures by Ibrahim Alsaydi

Hello, I am Ibrahim Alsayadi I’m from Syria and I was born in 1991in Deir Ezzor city. I studied English Literature in Alfurat university and I graduated three years ago, I completed diploma in education in Syrian virtual university. I worked in Syrian Arab Red Cressent… Read More