Many countries, many cultures, Ibrahim Alsayadi

Hello, I am Ibrahim Alsayadi I’m from Syria and I was born in 1991in Deir Ezzor city. I studied English Literature in Alfurat university and I graduated three years ago, I completed diploma in education in Syrian virtual university. I worked in Syrian Arab Red Cressent as a distributer and first aider for 4 years. Because the war and the bad situation in my country I left to Turkey, and I stayed there for two months, after that my friends suggested to travel to Europe and I decided to go with them. We moved to Thessaloniki city and we stayed here in camp until now because the border is closed as you know. I’m in Greece now for one year and I applied for asylum in Greece. It’s so difficult to live out of your country, especially when you leave as a refugee, but you must be strong and powerful to acclimate in another community. It’s nice to meet people from another countries. Now I have many friends from many countries and from another cultures.

Ibrahim Alsayadi graduate of English Literature, former supervisor in Arab Red Crescent