Working in collaboration with local organisers (refugees, migrants and locals) and responding to their leadership, we are building community beyond location and identity. Methodologically Play is Hope is informed by Social Therapeutics, Performance Activism, Drama and Movement therapy and Developmental Psychology.

Our performance relates to people as creators of their lives- whom they are and are becoming at the same time. We are building with the ability of groups to become revolutionary and create social change not knowing how do it. Currently we are organising two international projects: Creating Community Across Borders and Dialogues Across Borders. Creating Community Across Borders is created in partnership with East Side Institute and Performing the World Community. Dialogues Across Borders is organised in collaboration with Lesvos Solidarity- Pikpa Camp and Mosaik Centre. Both projects are creating possibilities for conversation and intercultural exchange through performance. You can find more about our work in the blog.