Dialogues Across Borders

A series of interactive exhibitions of poetry, photography, art and music created across borders.  The audience is invited to enter into a conversation with the creators and make their own art in response which travels to the next exhibitions. Dialogues Across Borders was inspired by the community activity and the friendships developed in Pikpa open refugee camp and Mosaic cultural and educational centre in Lesvos.

Starting from collaborations between refugee artists and volunteers, it developed into creating environments for cross cultural exchange and performance activism around the world.

The series of interactive grassroots performance events started in Berlin and travelled to Belgrade, New York, Thessaloniki and London gathering responses along the way. In 2017 it is travelling across Europe and around the world being organized, performed and developed in refugee camps, universities, galleries, conferences, local venues and neighbourhoods.

Berlin @Muse Guele Bar Gallery

Belgrade @Refugee Aid Miksaliste

New York @Primary

Thessaloniki @Somatic Studio 
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London @Sharing Space