Don’t worry mum, Shamshaid Jutt

I want to learn. My priority is education. Nobody has ever gone to university from my village or family in Pakistan. I want to break this pattern.  I want to get into university. But still doors are closed to me. I didn’t come into Europe to be a rich man but for protection and for a safe life and an education. Yes I need support to study. I need to work. But I am waiting for a miracle. When I left home my mother said to me, “Sham, my son now I start waiting to hear from you – that yes Mom I’m in a university and studying, I will be waiting for that moment”. So yes this is my sad story. I didn’t include all the more horrible things that happened to me while on the way to Europe and even in Europe…. I don’t seek pity but a safe life and an education.

Shamshaid Jutt is a student of computer science and a poet

Don’t worry Mum

Done with dangerous ways

Crossed the Aegean Sea

Got a new life

Sweet mum don’t worry

                  Between humans now

                  Humanity is alive

                  People like angels

Sweet mum don’t worry

‘’Love you, Europe

Thank you, Greece

God bless you

Keeping my son safe’’

                  I’m treated well

Eating energetic food

Air-conditioned rooms

Sweet mum don’t worry

“Why have you been there so long?”

Getting an education

Doing a project

Sweet mum don’t worry

I’m sorry, mum

Shamshaid Jutt, June 2016