ALX Alex Creatives

ALX is a digital agency focused on building brands through powerful imagery, design and unparalleled social media strategy. ALX is much more than an agency. We are a community of doers that are hungry to help businesses grow and enable them to touch every one of their customers and users individually.

All Stars

All Stars London is a grassroots community organisation that currently works with underprivileged young people aged 5-25 in Poplar, East London, and the wider Tower Hamlets area. We help young people ‘perform their lives’ with community talent shows that feature developmental ‘ensemble-building’ workshops where participants learn together  before performing for a community audience. We also take young people out of their comfort zones, and organise cosmopolitan trips where they have the opportunity to perform off-stage.

Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence is the capacity for self-discovery, expression and connection with others and one’s environment. Creative intelligence competencies include attention, openness, empathy, curiosity, courage and reflection that activate previously unseen relationships and opportunities. Developing creative intelligence expands our perception to reveals new patterns of collective meaning and possibilities.

Connection Lab

Connection Lab is an active exploration of some primary communication principles. This exploration can be done in a 1:1 coaching environment, in small groups or large cohorts. Participants get up on their feet and experience real-time feedback about when they have the most impact-and when they have the least.

East Side Institute

The East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy is an international educational, training and research center for developing and promoting alternative and radically humanistic approaches in psychology, therapy, education and community building.

Insight Epd

Insight_education project design is an association promoting the personal development of all citizens, in particular of young people engaging them with innovative educational approaches, arts, cultural events and social work. It participates in youth exchanges across Europe with the EC programs like ‘Youth’, ‘Youth in Action’ and ‘Erasmus+’.

Pikpa Camp

Lesvos Solidarity is an open refugee camp based in ex- Pikpa camp in Mytilene, Lesvos. It is a self-organised, autonomous space run by volunteers and is built on the principle of solidarity.

Mosaik Centre

Mosaik Support Center for Refugees and Locals provides a space of warmth, safety and community for the most vulnerable populations on Lesvos. Built on principles of solidarity, integration and empowerment, Mosaik aims to move beyond immediate crisis response and to offer sustainable structures to support refugees in their resolve to live with dignity.

Pulp & Pith

Pulp & Pith is an arts marketing & visual communications company. We stage experiences, create visuals, listen and consult, plan and implement and try to find the best ways to reach and engage with audiences. We work with charity organisations, festivals, artists of all disciplines and performance companies, events and venues.

Centro Fred Newman para la Terapia Social

Life Performing Coaching Centre